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A Modern Technology-Based Educational Game for 9th-12th Grade Pupils

October 27, 2013

By popular demand, the educational project implemented by ABLV Charitable Foundation in the form of a modern technology-based educational game for 9th–12th grade schoolchildren has been extended. The game is now available on the Internet.

From 20 September to 27 October, during the exhibition “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…”, an educational project created by ABLV Charitable Foundation was implemented in the form of an interactive, educational game for secondary school children. Participating in it were 252 groups of schoolchildren that had applied to take part beforehand.

In starting work on this education project, two goals were set: to attract 3,000 schoolchildren from all over Latvia to the exhibition and to inform them in an educational and interactive way about the works in the ABLV Bank contemporary art collection, establishing a close link with teaching subjects. Thus, creating a new audience which will look forward with joy and enthusiasm to the opening of the forthcoming Contemporary Art Museum, in which works of art from the ABLV Bank collection will also be on show.

By studying the audience of secondary schoolchildren, drawing inspiration from global best practice in museum education, adapting teaching content to works of art, and addressing teachers, we managed to attract 3,236 schoolchildren. However, teachers continued to show an interest in opportunities to apply for visits to the exhibition, even when all possible visit times were already booked.

To ensure that schoolchildren continue to have the opportunity to discover works of art in the contemporary art collection formed by ABLV Bank and in order that they can continue to play the modern technology-based educational game, ABLV Charitable Foundation released an Internet version of the game, which now makes it possible to play each of the eight games individually on your computer or together with your class during the teaching process.

In order to play the games, please use the Google Chrome browser. 

Each game can be played individually. Links to games:

Tasks related to Arnis Balčus’ works from the cycle “Amnesia”: www.ablv.org/spele2014/balcus-en
Tasks related to Ieva Iltnere’s works: www.ablv.org/spele2014/iltnere-en
Tasks related to Gints Gabrāns’ photon paintings: www.ablv.org/spele2014/gabrans-en
Tasks inspired by Barbara Gaile’s works: www.ablv.org/spele2014/gaile-en
Tasks related to Alnis Stakle’s works from the series “Home, Sweet Home”: www.ablv.org/spele2014/stakle-en
Tasks related to Andris Eglītis’ works from the cycle “I Want to Be There”: www.ablv.org/spele2014/eglitis-en
Tasks related to Krišs Salmanis’ video animation “The Long Day”: www.ablv.org/spele2014/salmanis-en
Tasks related to Katrīna Neiburga’s video installation “Solitude”: www.ablv.org/spele2014/neiburga-en

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