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Rīga City Council Expresses its Gratitude to ABLV Bank

February 20, 2014

Rīga City Council thanks us for helping the victims of the Zolitūde tragedy.

Last Friday afternoon, Rīga City Council organised an event at which diplomas of gratitude were issued by its Welfare Department as a gesture of thanks for the collaboration and provision of help to the victims of the Zolitūde tragedy which occurred on 21 November 2013. Gratitude was expressed to ABLV Bank as a donor and to the Foundation as the administrator of the programme “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11.”.

As already announced, late last year ABLV Charitable Foundation set up a programme named “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11.”, in order to provide long-term support to the victims of the Zolitūde tragedy, in particular – children from families, in which one or both parents died or were seriously injured. Within the parameters of this programme, the Foundation will also individually consider other applications for support. Decisions regarding the provision of support will be made, carefully assessing applications and collaborating with the responsible state and municipal institutions. 

The first donation to the programme “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11.” was made by ABLV Bank in the amount of LVL 50,000. Other organisations were also helpful in their response, including the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation, ABLV employees and clients. 

In total, EUR 200,217 has been donated within the parameters of the programme.

On behalf of employees and management, ABLV Charitable Foundation thanks everyone who made a donation to the charitable campaign “Let’s Help the Victims of 21.11.”.

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