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The Association “Sadzirdi.lv” Has Been Registered

September 16, 2014

On Wednesday, 3 September, "Sadzirdi.lv", an association for the support of people with impaired hearing was formed, and will defend the interests of a socially vulnerable community, i.e. that of people with impaired hearing.

Its objective is to identify people with impaired hearing resident in Latvia, to encourage respect for human rights, the rights to hear fully, to be actively involved in the life of the state and society, to facilitate the formation of a quality and efficient rehabilitation and treatment system and its information accessibility, as well as to encourage public awareness, understanding and co-operation in resolving the problems of people with impaired hearing.

It is planned that “Sadzirdi.lv” will operate in such areas that concern hard of hearing adults, adolescents and senior citizens, cochlear implant users, people with not only hearing but also vision impairments, as well as the parents, friends and supporters of those suffering from impaired hearing.

The association’s Board Chair Diāna Ozoliņa stresses that there could be approximately 30,000 people in Latvia with hearing impairments, even though a specific system of records is not yet available.

In turn, the association would welcome the involvement of people in its operations, as well as that of all people who suffer from hearing impairments, the parents of children with impaired hearing, their relatives and friends, in order to provide information about the support available, so that together they can form a hearing and competitive society!

You can apply and obtain more detailed information, by writing to: sadzirdi@inbox.lv or calling 20366636 (Diāna).

In addition, you can now find out the latest news by visiting “Sadzirdi.lv” social network accounts:
Draugiem.lv: www.draugiem.lv/Sadzirdi.lv
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Sadzirdi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Latvijas-Vājdzirdīgo-atbalsta-asociācija-Sadzirdilv

Photographer: Ivo Blūms

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