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Hardijs Lediņš’ 60th Anniversary Year

January 20, 2015

Under the auspices of ABLV Charitable Foundation’s programme “Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions”, in 2015 ABLV Charitable Foundation is supporting a programme of events arranged by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) specially dedicated to Hardijs Lediņš, a legendary multimedia artist and electronic music pioneer in Latvia.

The objective of the project is to honour and “canonise” the multimedia pioneer Hardijs Lediņš as one of the most colourful representatives of Latvian contemporary art by organising a programme of events to celebrate Hardijs Lediņš 60th anniversary, which would be dedicated to the artist’s memory, making the artist’s archive kept by the LCCA available to the general public through various events.

On Thursday, 22 January, the first events in Hardijs Lediņš’ Year will be held: at 18:00, the Hardijs Lediņš Café will open at the UPE music store. During his life, Hardijs Lediņš was very fond of the UPE music store, which he often visited and which helped to distribute his albums. Throughout the year, the Hardijs Lediņš Café will be open at the store and will serve as an event information centre and meeting place.

The first events planned to mark Hardijs Lediņš’ 60th anniversary year are:

  • 22 January: Opening of the Hardijs Lediņš Café.
    UPE Music Store, Valņu Street 26:
    18.00: Lauris Vorslavs, the founder of www.pietura.lv, a platform dedicated to the "Workshop for the Restoration of Unprecedented Feelings" (NSRD, "Nebijušu Sajūtu Restaurēšanas darbnīca") will play NSRD and other 80s music, as well as talk about the digitalization of Hardijs Lediņš’ music archive;
    19.00: Opening of “Four Seasons”, a cycle of readings dedicated to Hardijs Lediņš. Kristīne Želve’s story “Liquidator, the Mad Person’s Brother” will be read by the author herself, Lauris Vorslavs, Ninuce Leimane and Liāna Langa.
    Nabaklab, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica Boulevard 12:
    18.30: Presentation of a recording of the opera “Rolstein on the Beach”;
    20.30: Opening of Margrieta Dreiblate’s exhibition “Blind Gut”;
    21.00: Musical performances by experimental musicians Torte Auniņš and TV MASKAVA.
    At the conclusion of the evening – music instructors from Radio Naba’s “Interwave” programme and DJ T from the cutting edge music programme “Sound Forest”.
    Presentation of a special Hardijs Lediņš cocktail “Ciao, Polyclinic!”.

Admission to the events is free of charge.
Programme Curators: Solvita Krese and Diāna Popova.

Follow information about other events under the auspices of Hardijs Lediņš’ anniversary year on the following Facebook account: www.facebook.com/HardijaLedinaGads

Photo: Ineta Sipunova.

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