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Touring exhibition cycle “Lost in the Archive”

October 14, 2015

The exhibition “Lost in the Archive”, curated by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, will tour the regional centres of culture in late 2015 and throughout 2016, accompanied by the educational programme “The Big Magnifying Glass” supported by ABLV Charitable Foundation under the auspices of the “Education” field.

The exhibition ‘‘Lost in the Archive’’ has been sourced from the database and archival materials belonging to the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, which is the largest source of information on contemporary art processes in Latvia. As part of this exhibition, a tandem of artists and curators will highlight the potential of archive as a significant collection of culture, exploring its functions as a multidimensional carrier of information, constantly forming and redefining our relationship with history, while simultaneously involving the viewer as an active user of the archive and artwork.

The educational programme ‘‘The Great Magnifying Glass’’ has been developed based on the archival materials documenting the contemporary art processes in Latvia. It aims to offer a fascinating introduction to the language of contemporary art, as well as the history of Latvian art and culture. The audience will be able to find out more about certain artists, their work and current processes in the Latvian contemporary art world, while also creating new works of art using digital and analogue devices. The programme hopes to attract a wide audience – ranging from children learning about the basics of art to adults of all ages. This programme has been initiated and managed by the art historian Linda Veinberga. It is accompanied by a lecture and video programme ‘Current Moving Image Art in the Baltics’ by Anna Veilande Kustikova, which will take place at 1pm on 14 November at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils.

The international contemporary art exhibition ‘‘Lost in the Archive’’ at the Riga Art Space will explore the issues of memory, identity, collective and individual history using the LCCA’s archive of contemporary art as its main platform. Local and international artists invited to take part in this exhibition will introduce a series of creative approaches, all of which explore a range of significant themes in today’s world using a variety of archival practices. An international symposium analysing the role of archive and its potential in the process of accumulation and preservation of culture and knowledge will be organised as part of this exhibition. The participants of this symposium will provide wide ranging insights based on their own historical and aesthetic experiences.

The exhibition will tour the following venues:
Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils (15.10-15.11.2015)
Aluksne Museum (25.11-10.01.2016)
Riga Art Space (4.02.2016-27.03.2016)
Kuldiga Art House (31.03.2016-13.04.2016)
Madona Regional History and Art Musuem (23.04.2016-29.05.2016)

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