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The 2015 Christmas Charitable Campaign resulted in donations worth a total of EUR 482,534

February 9, 2016

For the ninth consecutive year, the ABLV Charitable Foundation organised a Christmas Charitable Campaign in which it invited donations from ABLV Group employees, the bank’s subsidiaries and clients, as well as members of the public who wish to show their support for any of the programmes supported by the Foundation.

During this campaign, donors were mainly invited to make donations to two programmes: "Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” and "New Riga”, while it was also possible to make donations in support of the “Let’s Help Them to Hear!” programme.

On behalf of all the children and their parents, we would like express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who responded to the campaign call and gave their support to help improve the lives of these children. Moreover, we would like to remind you that the Foundation is drawing on its reserves and doubling the sum donated to the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme.

This year, 233 donors responded to our call, as a result of which the 2016 programmes received additional funding totalling EUR 482,534:
• “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” received donations worth EUR 177,170;
• “New Riga” received donations worth EUR 290,253;
• “Let’s Help Them to Hear!” received donations worth EUR 5,111;
• “Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions” received donations worth EUR 10,000.

Special thanks too to our supporters among ABLV Bank’s subsidiary group companies, bank employees and clients!

At all times, the Foundation treats each donated sum of money with utmost honesty and responsibility and carefully evaluates its expenditure under any of the programmes chosen by the donor, in order to continue to providing support for the implementation of projects of public importance.

Under the auspices of the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme, we support summer camps for children from disadvantaged and impoverished families and for kids with special needs. In 2015, at the 27 camps supported by the Foundation, 820 participants of various ages from all over Latvia acquired emotional experiences and adventures completely removed from their daily lives. You can study information about all our supported camps here.

Within the framework of the “New Riga” programme, we attract donations to support the establishment and operation of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art (LMCA), the formation and landscaping of a park in the grounds adjoining the LMCA, as well as other important landscaping projects in central Riga, facilitating the development of an aesthetic cultural milieu and giving society the opportunity to live in a safe and orderly environment. You can find out about the expenditure of this programme’s funds here.

In 2015, under the auspices of the “Let’s Help Them to Hear!” programme, 90 children, whose parents could not afford to buy them, received hearing aids worth EUR 157,213. You can view the list of children who received hearing aids or auxiliary equipment here.

In addition to the Christmas Charitable Campaign organised by the ABLV Charitable Foundation, donations can be made throughout the year to six programmes: “Let’s Help Them to Hear!”, “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!”, “New Riga”, “Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions”, “Cultural Journalism” and “Educational Projects with Cultural Content”.

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