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2016 Camp Grant Competition Results

April 17, 2016

At the start of 2015, a grant competition was organised under the auspices of the programme “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” in regard to the organising of camps for kids and families during 2015-2016.

This year, the Foundation’s Board decided to award grants worth a total sum of EUR 112,750.90 to the following 14 applicants:

  • Project “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up! Kids’ and Family Camps 2015-2016”;
    Path Finders, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 7,200.
  • Project “Diverse and Mysterious Riga”;
    Other Riga, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 1,500.
  • Project “Neba maize pati nāca…” (this is a fragment from a popular Latvian folk song);
    Dricāni Cultural Society AUSEKLIS, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 899.20.
  • Project “5th Element”;
    Interests’ Association "Jaustra", society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 937.
  • Project “Challenge Yourself This Summer”;
    Challenge Yourself, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 4,500.
  • Project “Latvian Children’s Fund Camps”;
    Latvian Children’s Fund, foundation;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 30,585.
  • Project “Camp Summer Hand in Hand 2016”;
    Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Deaconry Centre, foundation;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 13,969.70.
  • Project “Latvian SOS Children’s Village Association Camp Programme”;
    Latvian SOS - Children’s Village Association, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 7,290.
  • Project “Hear, Listen, Talk!”;
    Support Association for Latvians with Hearing Problems "Sadzirdi.lv", society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 8,400.
  • Project “Kids’ Creative Education Camp "Planet of Music"”;
    Lauku sāta, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 2,100.
  • Project “Skulte’s Noblemen 2016 and Summers in Taureņi”;
    Palīdzēsim.lv, foundation;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 7,690.
  • Project “Discover Your Senses”;
    re:login, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 3,000.
  • Project “Let’s Live, Let’s See, Let’s Film”;
    Social Services Agency, foundation;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 21,000.
  • Project “Camps for Kids in the District of Jelgava - 2016”;
    Zariņš & Lejnieks, society;
    Co-financing awarded: EUR 3,680.

Photo: a camp in the District of Rēzekne organised in 2015 by the Dricāni cultural society AUSEKLIS.

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