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October 25, 2016

From 27 October to 27 November, the Art Academy of Latvia’s (AAL) 1st floor exhibition hall will host the annual exhibition of works by Master’s programme diploma candidates, which is being supported for the seventh year in a row by the ABLV Charitable Foundation under the auspices of its “Support for Contemporary Art Exhibitions” programme. As is the case every year, an appropriate leitmotif was sought for the most memorable and impressive works of art, which, although they were on view on individual days during which the Master’s works were defended, had not been widely exhibited to the public. Therefore, the public is kindly invited to the exhibition opening ceremony, which will take place on 26 October at 18.00!

During the course of their studies, in their artistic investigations, these emerging artists attempt to discover unknown territories and find evidence of their creative potential, in order to create contemporary and conceptually profound works. These incessantly questioning aspects can become something of an obstacle, which must be climbed over or looked beyond in order to overcome it. However, at the same time, maybe such restrictive motifs don’t even exist.

The incessant questions, which one can see in the exhibited works, examine the possibility of media having boundaries and raise the question of whether they should be demarcated at all, as the student makes the transition into an independent artist. One question worth clarifying is whether, as a student at art school, you associate yourself with institutional frames that may not even exist. The works on view in the exhibition confirm the diversity of styles of young, albeit already independent, artists with a high degree of professional preparedness.

The artists with exhibited works are from the AAL Painting, Graphics, Sculpture and Ceramics sub-branches and stand out with their monumental approach to work formats, which demolish the usual practice of viewing and seeing. The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of the 6th AAL graduates’ yearbook.

The following artists took part in the exhibition: Sandra Strēle, Krišjānis Mežulis, Raitis Hrolovičs, Madara Lazdiņa, Zane Putniņa, Gita Strazdiņa, Zanda Puče, Sigita Olte and Rihards Ābeltiņš

Main exhibition supporter: ABLV Charitable Foundation

Opening hours:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays: 11.00–18.00
Thursdays: 11.00–19.00
Break: 14.30–15.00
Sundays, Mondays: closed

Admission to the exhibition: free of charge

Exhibition venue:
Art Academy of Latvia 1st floor hall
Kalpaka bulvāris 13, Riga

Exhibition curator:
Antra Priede-Krievkalne

Photo: Sigita Olte, diploma work "Impression"

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