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February 9, 2017

The ABLV Charitable Foundation is presenting some visually stunning art publications to the Latvian National Library Foundation (LNLF).

Almost 500 copies of the 2016 Art Academy of Latvia Yearbook and the 2016 Riga Photomonth Catalogue will soon be delivered to Latvia’s libraries, augmenting the range and depth of their art publication offering.

For several years now, in collaboration with the LNLF, the ABLV Charitable Foundation has presented topical and valuable art books to libraries, helping them to enrich and broaden their contents. To date, under this joint collaboration, 2,376 art catalogues and publications have been presented to Latvia’s libraries.

The Art Academy of Latvia Yearbook is always one of the highlights of the year in culture and education – showcasing the creative output and accomplishments of Master’s programme graduates. Thanks to the ongoing support of the ABLV Charitable Foundation, the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) graduates’ yearbook has been published for the sixth time and represents all of the sub-branches of the AAL.

The Riga Photomonth Catalogue is dedicated to the international photography festival “Rīgas Fotomēnesis” and to the latest developments in contemporary photography. The catalogue collates the works of photographic artists from the Nordic countries and former states in the USSR, which were exhibited during Riga Photomonth. In their photographs, the artists discuss the process of segregation and adaptation among various cultures living alongside one another in Eastern bloc countries, empathetically experiencing as part of their lives things that are seemingly alien to them. The Riga Photomonth Catalogue has also been published with the support of the ABLV Charitable Foundation.

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