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Camp Programme Grant Competition Results

April 9, 2017

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up!” programme grant competition organised by the ABLV Charitable Foundation.

A record number of applications were submitted for the competition by over 30 societies, foundations and municipal bodies that sent in their projects for organising camps in 2017 - 2018. The competition was intense, because absolutely all the applications were of high quality.

The Foundation’s Board has decided to award co-financing worth a total sum of EUR 129,329.95 to the following 19 applicants for organising camps in 2017:

• Project “Nature and Water Unite Us!”;
Sailing Sport Team Foundation “Collatis viribus”, Foundation;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 1,200.

• Project “Let’s Help Them to Grow Up! Children’s and Family Camps 2017”;
Road Seekers, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 7,200.

• Project “Experiment - 24+”;
Dricāni Culture Society AUSEKLIS, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 896.

• Project “A World for All - in Latvia!”;
I See-Baltics, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 8,625.

• Project “Nature’s Green Palms”;
Interest Association “Jaustra” , Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 1,222.

• Project “Challenge Yourself This Summer”;
Challenge Yourself, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 6,750.

• Project “Summer Football Camp "Nereta 2017"”;
Daugava Youth Football Club, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 3,000.

• Project “I Gain by Doing!”;
Kiwanis Cēsis, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 1,044.55.

• Project “Journey”;
Culture and Education Foundation UPE, Foundation;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 2,100.

• Project “Latvian Children’s Foundation Camps”;
Latvian Children’s Foundation, Foundation;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 28,700.

• Project “Diabetes School - Experience for a Better Life!”;
Latvian Children’s and Youth Diabetes Society, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 4,690.40.

• Project “Camp Programme Implemented by the Latvian SOS Children’s Village Association in collaboration with the ABLV Charitable Foundation”;
Latvian SOS Children’s Village Association, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 5,907.

• Project “Our Sense - Hearing!”;
Latvian Support Association for People with Impaired Hearing “Sadzirdi.lv”, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 7,200.

• Project “Camp Summer Hand in Hand 2017”;
LELB Deaconry Centre Structural Unit Support Centre for Children and Families “Hand in Hand”, Foundation;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 14,960.

• Project “Summer School in Skrunda District”;
Skrunda District Council;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 2,250.

• Project “The Adventure Academy”;
Social Services Agency, Foundation;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 26,775.

• Project “Daugmale’s Adventure and On the Way to Latvia’s Centenary”;
A Step Closer, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 1,425.

• Project “An Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle”;
Vildari, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 3,000.

• Project “Camps for Kids in Jelgava”;
Zariņš & Lejnieks, Society;
Co-financing awarded: EUR 2,385.

We wish the organisers of the remaining projects success in attracting the financing they require and in the implementation of their projects!

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