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Interview with the Organisers of the Education Project

October 9, 2013

The organisers of the education project: Zanda Zilgalve, Lauris Bokišs and Laura Vesele were interviewed by Creative Museum Head Ineta Zelča-Simansone.

Read the introduction to the interview here:

Ever since the end of September when “...for an occurrence to become an adventure”, an exhibition of ABLV Bank’s contemporary art collection for the future Contemporary Art Museum, opened at Rīga Art Space, there has been a constant stream of discussion in the media and among professionals about, I quote, “its unique education programme”. In order to find out what the basis is for the success of this education programme, which the project authors describe as a “modern technology-based educational game” and which enables 9th-12th grade schoolchildren to link contemporary works of art to physics, chemistry, history, maths and other knowledge, I met the creators of the education programme Lauris Bokišs and Laura Vesele, as well as ABLV Charitable Foundation Head Zanda Zilgalve.

All that’s left to be added is that the programme’s attendance statistics are already impressive and all the visiting times in the education programme are reserved, even though there are still two weeks to go before the end of the exhibition. Likewise, one should add that although questions still arise after the conversation, in visiting the exhibition personally and trying out this game for myself as an adult who studied physics and chemistry more than a decade ago, I very much enjoyed this symbiosis of art and exact sciences. Furthermore, I was delighted that a very specific target audience has been chosen for the education programme accompanying the exhibition, concurrently not doing any disservice to the individual visitor who has come to enjoy art for art’s sake.

In turn, in collaboration with the creators of the education programme, on 22 October we will discuss innovative education programmes in museums during “For an Education Programme to Become an Adventure”, a creative session of the Creative Museum think tank.

Information source: http://creativemuseum.lv/en/blog/ineta-zelcha-simansone/lai-izglitibas-programma-kljutu-par-notikumu/#.UlcONwgGibE.facebook

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